Gas Fireplaces

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A Dependable Distributor

We are a business-to-business fireplace and heating distribution supply, providing the best in gas and electric fireplaces.


Genesis Gas Fireplaces

The Future Is Now

Genesis Fireplaces are created with an immense amount of time put into tackling visual perfection, while liberating the owner to complete freedom in design. The elimination of the safety screen allows a detailed view, while the technology behind a self enclosed gas fireplace provokes freedom in design and creativity. These gas fireplaces provide comfort, style, and futuristic  realism, with an installation and maintenance friendly build.

Genesis: Galaxy Series

Three sided gas fireplaces

Genesis: Infinity Series

One sided gas fireplaces

Genesis: Orion Series

See-thru gas fireplace

Savannah Heating


Quality Is In The Flame

Savannah Heating products are a complete in-house Canadian operation with a critical focus on quality and a commitment to excellence in detail. With seamless and efficient design and production, Savannah is able to refine products and manufacturing processes ahead of the curve. Savannah prides itself on keeping at the cutting edge of new technology and designs for all styles of gas fireplaces.

Savannah: Limited Series

Savannah: Insert Series

Savannah: Free Stand Series, ABR19 & Outdoor OD2000


Elite Fireplaces

Builder Gas Fireplaces by Savannah


Elite Fireplaces are builder box units, designed without the bells and whistles. Sold at a exceptional price in quantity, these units do well in new home construction and to replace older units. 


Woodbridge Fireplaces

Creating world class products to exceed expectations

Woodbridge Fireplaces strives to provide the finest heating products for every room in the home. They pride themselves on their ability to design and manufacture quality crafted heating and leisure products for indoor and outdoor enjoyment. The lead time is 2-3 weeks.

Woodbridge Fireplaces: Contemporary

Woodbridge Fireplaces: Traditional

Woodbridge Fireplaces: Outdoor